Ten incredible mentors will run two-hour workshops that anyone can join. Learning by practicing will allow you to bring home a lot more know-how than in regular conferences.


Bring your own laptop and try out new technologies, libraries, patterns and methodologies with an expert right next to you.


Learn something cool from a complete stranger. Work with someone new in every workshop; why not pair-program instead of going at it alone?


Take a seat and analyze that piece of code that's been on the back of your head with four or five attendees, whenever you feel like it.


Benjamin Encz

ReSwift and Unidirectional Data Flow

David Rodrigues

[Functional] Reactive Programming using ReactiveSwift & ReactiveCocoa

Francisco Costa

Server-side Swift

Ellen Shapiro


Greg Heo

Debugging and Instruments

Ivan Bruel

Continuous Integration and Delivery with Fastlane

Jorge Ortiz

Hands On implementation of Clean Architecture in iOS

Junior Bonto

Broadcasting Knowledge

Vijaya Kandel

Protocol-Oriented Programming

Ørta Therox

React Native

Rui Peres

Functional Programming

Sally Shepard



Starting from just €179, ticket are now available for purchase

We are now also offering discounts for bulk ticket purchases, please contact us for more information


Hotel Imperial

Right in the middle of the city, Hotel Imperial can easily be reached either by foot or car.

The city of Aveiro is also very well connected in terms of public transportation (having regular buses and trains) and Oporto's airport is quite close (80km away; very easily accessible by metro and train). Lisbon is also just 2:30h drive away.


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